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Club activities can typically be organized according to the Avenues of Service, which include Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service. The Avenues of Service help the Daybreak Rotary Club focus attention on the various ways our members can serve each other, our community, the larger world, and the youth who will one day step into service leadership roles.





Club Service focuses on providing opportunities for fellowship among members, helping the club celebrate milestones in members' lives, and demonstrating the genuine care and friendship the membership in general develops for one another.


Club Service also functions to meet some of the administrative needs of the club such as following up with guests interested in pursuing membership.

Vocational Service is the avenue by which the club honors and demonstrates value in members' vocations. Many times, it is club members' professional skills, experiences and networks that help a club achieve success through the other Avenues of Service.


A strong club is a diverse club, which includes diversity in vocation. Daybreak seeks professional from all backgrounds and currently includes members who work in the insurance, information technology, financial services, education, arts and other fields.

Community Service is the avenue through which Daybreak channels its commitment to serving the community. Community service involves volunteerism, partnering with other organizations to help them succeed, and provides services and support to the community by executing projects to improve the community.


To fund these activities, Daybreak's Community Service committee also organizes fundraisers and submits grant requests.

International Service is how Daybreak supports and improves the lives of communities throughout the world through international projects, partnerships with other clubs and organizations, and funding available from the Rotary Foundation.


Click the document shown to download the Daybreak Club's service focus on Poverty Mitigation and Amelioration, which aligns with Rotary International's Economic and Community Development Area of Focus. This document led the Daybreak Board of Directors to approve the proposal in March 2013.


(PDF file. Click here to download Acrobat Reader).


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